Nationals Park Minimalist Print (Small - Framed)

$ 99.00

After the 4th inning, the Washington Nationals hold the "Presidents Race" where the four Mount Rushmore presidents - with giant foam caricature heads - race around the stadium. The result is so popular that there is a website which documents the stats and winning record of each one.

The Artist, S. Preston, attempts to change the way sports and art collide.  There are many great sports artists and they can create great paintings of famous athletes with finest of detail and skill.  But players and team logos are so engrained into the sports culture. His style is quite different by eliminating the obvious, and focusing instead on simplicity and clean design. The result is a creative art form that augments and connects sports fans to their deepest love for the game.

"The goal of my art is to break-down something to its essence and make it highly identifiable using as little as possible." - S. Preston.

Printed on 230 GSM presentation matte paper.

Dimensions: 11" x 17"


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