National Cherry Blossom Festival Official Ornament (2020)

$ 24.95

The 2020 Official Festival Artwork was created by Matt Long, a Frederick, Maryland-based artist and graphic designer. 

In creating the event’s official artwork, Long noted that the broad range of cherry blossom colors, the radiant energy among spectators, and the fragile beauty in these little flowers are a few of the experiences that inspired him. Long also noted, “it was important to me to capture the essence of spring, but in a different light and energy.”

Using acrylic paints and Sharpie markers, Matt Long creates fluid forms with bright colors and an engaging sense of movement. While he draws inspiration from a diverse array of sources, many of Long’s works are a manifestation of his love for nature, surf, sun and music. His organic style matches his free-spirited approach to life, as he lets inspiration take him where it may without getting wrapped up in tradition.


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